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1January 14, 2022All Heads of the High & Senior Madrasahs (Aided and Un-aided), West Bengal view
2January 10, 2022Rescheduled : Interview For Engagement view
3January 5, 2022One retired assistant inspector of School is required for the post of Assistant Inspector of School view
4January 3, 2022Suspension of Classes view
5December 29, 2021Extension of the tenure of Managing committee(s) /Adhoc Committee(s)/Administrator(s) view
6December 13, 2021Holiday List at Madrasah Level-2022 view
7December 10, 2021Revised reduced Syllabus and Question Pattern of High Madrasah, Alim and Fazil Examination 2022 view
8December 10, 2021Preparation of Annual Report Card at Madrasah Level view
9December 9, 2021Notice : All Heads of the High & Senior Madrasahs (Aided and Un- aided), West Bengal. view
10December 2, 2021Reduced Syllabus for Class XI Annual Examination-2022(Fazil Course) view
11December 1, 2021Notice: All Heads of the High & Senior Madrasahs (Aided and Un- aided), West Bengal. view
12November 30, 2021Notice : All Heads of the High & Senior Madrasahs (Aided and Un- aided), West Bengal. view
13November 30, 2021Reduced syllabus of High Madrasah Examination-2022 for English Medium Madrasah view
14November 29, 2021Question Pattern for ALIM Examination 2022 view
15November 29, 2021Question Pattern for Fazil Examination 2022 view
16November 29, 2021Question Pattern for HIGH MADRASAH Examination 2022 view
17November 22, 2021Notification of Opening of all Recognised Madrasahs in State . view
18November 9, 2021EXAMINATION SCHEDULE – 2022 view
19October 29, 2021Reopening of all recognized Madrasahs in the State from November 16, 2021 view
20September 30, 2021Notice for the Extension of Date for Registration and Checklist – 2021 view
21September 17, 2021Reduced Syllabus for Alim Examination-2022 view
22September 17, 2021Reduced Syllabus for Fazil Examination-2022 view
23September 13, 2021The Heads of Senior Madrasahs (Aided and Un Aided) view
24September 6, 2021Reduced Syllabus of High Madrasah Examination 2022 view
25August 26, 2021Reduced Syllabus and Marks distribution for H.M. Exam & Alim Exam – 2022 view
26August 24, 2021To Give Equal Stress on Funded Vocational Education & Training Programme view
27August 18, 2021Notice for Online Registration – 2021 view
28August 16, 2021Reduced syllabus & Question pattern of XI annual Examination & Fazil Examination 2022 view
29August 4, 2021Offline support to students of madrasahs view
31July 20, 2021Distribute the Admit cards, Marksheet & Certificates of High Madrasah / Alim / Fazil Examination to the parents / guardians of the candidate view
32July 19, 2021All India Radio Programme On Class Room Learning Teaching 2021 view
33June 25, 2021Corrigendum view
34June 20, 2021Evalution of High Madrasah , Alim and Fazil Examination – 2021 view
35June 19, 2021High Madrasah, Alim and Fazil Examination Result – 2021 view
36June 18, 2021Extension of Term of MC/Adhoc Committee/Administrator view
37June 14, 2021To spread awareness amongst the aspirants ITI view
38June 10, 2021Notice : Fazil Exam view
39May 28, 2021Assignment of MDM view
40May 16, 2021Arrangement of MDM during Summer Vacation in Madrasahs view
41May 16, 2021The Fazil Examination 2021 are postponed and will not be held in June, 2021 view
42May 15, 2021Notice : High Madrasah & Alim Examination 2021 view
43May 4, 2021Sample Questions-High Madrasah Examination-2021view
44May 4, 2021Sample Questions-Alim Examination 2021view
45April 19, 2021Summer Vacation-2021 view
46April 6, 2021Revised Holiday List-2021 view
47April 5, 2021Addendum List of Holidays 2021 view
48April 2, 2021Examination Schedule – 2021view
49March 5, 2021NOTICE- Form Submission Date view
50March 5, 2021NOTICE- Form Submission view
51March 5, 2021NOTICE – Exam Schedule view
52March 5, 2021ONLINE REGISTRATION view
54March 5, 2021REVISED SYLLABUS view
55March 5, 2021Syllabus Notice view