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Senior Madrasah


Sl No. Name of the Institute with Contact Number Address of the Institute Block No of Classes Medium of Instruction Nature of Institute Code of the Institute
1Sauria Kaderia Madrasah(I-VIII)(SENIOR)Vill+PO- Sauria, PS-Joypur, 711413Amta-III-VIIIBengCo-EdUA-08-3-3-1-001
2North Kolorah Siddiquia Sr. Madrasah 8981394019Vill+PO- Kolorah,PS-Domjur 711411DomjurI-VIIIBengCo-EdUA-08-3-3-1-002
3Nowpara Zafar Ahmed Sr. Madrasah 9564026333/9749256583Vill+PO- Nawpara, PS-Amta. 711401Amta-III-XBengCo-EdUA-08-3-3-1-003
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