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The Co-Scholastic Areas
The Co-Scholastic Areas

1. Social and Personal Qualities: (Any one of the following is compulsory)

a) Health Awareness

b) Neatness and Cleanliness

c) Regularity and Punctuality

d) Co-operation & Sympathy

e) Work-discipline / Obedience

2. INTEREST (Any one of the following is compulsory)

a) Creative Writing

b) Drama

c) Speech

d) Debate

e) Recitation

f) Drawing and Painting

g) Travelling

h) Team Work

3. Attitude: (Any one of the following is compulsory) Towards

i) Class-Mate /Madrasah Mates

ii) Teachers

iii) Self

iv) Properties of Madrasah

v) Cultural function of Madrasah

4. Outdoor Activities : (Any one of the following is compulsory)

a) Games and Sports

b) Gardening

c) Social/ Community Services

d) Activities to control Environmental Pollution

e) Clearing garbage

f) Afforestation

Flexible Evaluation System: Competency based Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation has been introduced since 2000. From the year 2007, the evaluation system has been made more flexible and more organized based on NCF-2005. Four co-scholastic areas namely social and personal qualities, interest, attitude and outdoor activities have been identified and introduced in the Madrasahs to inculcate value education among students. Four Terminal Tests followed by an annual examination have been designed throughout the year to evaluate the student’s competencies and the remedial lesson. Weightage on each test / examination is considered for promotion of the students to next higher class. The subject wise syllabus has been divided into five terms. This has not only reduced the burden on the students but also enhanced spontaneous participation and encouraged joyful learning teaching. To keep parity with the State Board / Councils and the Central Board, the Grading System has been introduced from the year 2007.

For the larger interest of the learners of the Madrasahs, the West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education is following the instruction of the Govt. of West Bengal in Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department and has decided to bring back the Academic Session of the Madrasahs to January-December gradually. The Current Academic Session will start From February 1, 2011 and will be ended in December 31, 2011. The next Academic Session will start from January 2012.

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