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Activities of Board

PUBLICATION OF TEXT BOOKS : The West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education has been publishing colourful Text Books keeping low price & maintaining quality since 2003. 41 Text Books of different classes have been prepared and published till date. Besides, the Board prepares 6 items of Arabic Text books (Classes I to V) for primary section & the Government publishes and distributes those in free of cost to the students. To facilitate reading, learning and communicative skills in English Language Students Vocabulary has been prepared. A book on Begum Rokaiya namely ‘Begum Rokaiya: Hey Siksha Prana’ has been published to encourage the students to know about Rokaiya Sakhawat Hossain, who has devoted her life for the upliftment of the minority people. Islam Parichay Studies syllabi and books have been prepared for classes VI to X and included in the curriculum of the Madrasah to know about the culture and contribution of the Muslims towards nations. The core group constituted by the Govt. to review the syllabi, text books and other related items based on NCF-2005 has reviewed all Text Books published by the Board and remarked “It is heartening to note that the West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education which follows the syllabus of the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education has started publishing text books for all classes and all subjects. Subject experts have reviewed these books and found them qualitatively better”.

For the academic session 2012, the Board has published all the Text Books in a more attractive and colourful look to create interest in learning and also to promote joyful learning. All the 41 Text books have been published in bi-colour.

Sl. No. Subject Name Class
1 Sahitya Path Class VI
2 Sahitya Path Class VII
3 Sahitya Path Class VIII
4 Bangla Sahayak Path Class VI
5 Bangla Sahayak Path Class VII
6 Bangla Sahayak Path Class VIII
7 Bangla Baykaran Path Class VI
8 Bangla Baykaran O Nirmiti Class VII-VIII
9 Bangla Baykaran O Nirmiti Class IX
10 Bangla Baykaran O Nirmiti Class X
11 Arbi Path O Islam Parichay(Jr. High & High Madrasah) Class VI
12 Arbi Path O Islam Parichay(Jr. High & High Madrasah) Class VII
13 Arbi Path O Islam Parichay(Jr. High & High Madrasah) Class VIII
14 Arbi Path Class IX (High Madrasah)
15 Arbi Path Class X (High Madrasah)
16 Islam Parichay Class IX (High Madrasah)
17 Islam Parichay Class X (High Madrasah)
18 Arbi Path Class VI(Sr. Madrasah)
19 Arbi Path Class VII(Sr. Madrasah)
20 Arbi Path Class VIII(Sr. Madrasah)
21 Arbi Path Class IX (Sr. Madrasah)
22 Arbi Path Class X(Sr. Madrasah)
23 Itihas Class VIII
24 Itihas Class IX
25 Itihas Class X
26 Bhugol Class VI
27 Bhugol Class VII
28 Bhugol Class VIII
29 Bhugol Class IX
30 Bhugol Class X
31 Sadharan Bigyan Class VI
32 Jiban Bigyan Class VII
33 Jiban Bigyan Class VIII
34 Jiban Bigyan Class IX
35 Jiban Bigyan Class X
36 Bhauto Bigyan Class VII
37 Bhauto Bigyan Class VIII
38 Bhauto Bigyan Class IX
39 Bhauto Bigyan Class X
40 Begum Rokeya Class VII
41 Hey Siksha Prana Class VII
42 Student’s Vocabulary Class VII
Sl. No. Subject Name Class
1 Arbi Sekha Class I(Sr. Madrasah)
2 Arbi Sekha Class II(Sr. Madrasah)
3 Arbi Sekha Class III(Sr. Madrasah)
4 Arbi Sekha Class IV(Sr. Madrasah)
5 Arbi Sekha Class V(Sr. Madrasah)
6 Arbi Sekha Class V(Jr. High & High Madrasah)


The Board conducts :

High Madrasah Examination at the end of class X for the students of recognized High Madrasahs

Alim Examination at the end of class X for the students of recognized Senior Madrasahs

Fazil Examination at the end of class XII standard for the students of recognized Senior Madrasahs

The preparatory works for ensuing High Madrasah, Alim & Fazil Examination – 2012 is going on. The examination will commence from 22nd February, 2012 & ends on 10 March, 2012. The tentative examinees (High Madrasah, Alim & Fazil) are 54000 (Fifty four thousands) as per registration records. The other related works such as selection of venues for holding examination, letter for depute centre Superintendent, setting of question paper & moderation is on process.


ORIENTATION / SENSITIZATION / TRAINING PROGRAMMES: The Board in collaboration with Sarva Siksha Mission, NCERT, NUEPA, COBSE, SCERT, Paschim Banga Itihas Samsad, West Bengal University of Technology and other Educational Boards / Councils has been organizing various Training Programmes on preparation of balanced question paper / papers, development of managerial effectiveness, administrative planning and management of education, Gender Equity and I.E.D., in service teachers training, CCE and grading system, etc. to improve the quality of education so that students may compete with others at national levels. The workshop on CCE and Grading System taking Headmaster and three Teachers from each Madrasah has been completed. The workshop on ‘Eso Likhi Chhabi Aanki’ to encourage the innovative activity of the learner has also been completed and a book published in the name of ‘Sonar Kathi Rupor Kathi’ comprising the activity of the students of the Madrasahs. The workshop for KRP on ‘Scope and Applicability of Math Laboratory’ and workshop for the Head of the Institution on ‘Institutional Planning and Management’ in collaboration with NUEPA & SSA have been completed. 100 Teachers of Mathematics and Science Group have been oriented in collaboration with the NCERT on Curriculum Transaction in the light of NCF-2005.


The workshop on Orientation of the KAMIL & MM passed teachers on ‘Curriculum Transaction’ in the light of NCF-2005 in collaboration with SSA is going on .

Quality improvement of Madrasah Education – Model Madrasah Project in collaboration with SSA, WIPRO and Vikramshila on Induction Training of Newly Appointed Teachers: The Board in collaboration with SSA and WIPRO has organized 02 day (out of 20 days) of the first phase of Induction Training taking all newly appointed teachers of 14 Madrasahs under Model Madrasah Project. In the 2nd phase, 4-day Orientations have been completed. Again 4-day orientation of newly appointed teachers have been completed. The remaining training programme will be completed very soon.

Application of innovative Pedagogical approach to improve quality of learning Science & Geography in collaboration with SSA & Science Communicative Forum(SCF) : Primarily 25 Madrasahs have been included in this Pilot Project. Implementation of Activity based Classroom Learning Teaching of Physical Science and Geography is the main objective of this project. Tentatively 5000 (five thousand) students of classes VI & VII will be involved.

SETTING AND CAPACITY BUILDING OF STATE RESOURCE GROUP FOR MADRASAH EDUCATION IN COLLABORATION WITH UNICEF : The Board is going to start a project on Capacity building of State Resource Group for Madrasah Education in collaboration with UNICEF. With an aim to provide quality education and academic support to 609 madrasahs a state level resource group will be formed. The first phase of this project will be completed within 3 months.


Training Module Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation and Grading System have been prepared and published.

Training Module for Orientation of Managing Committee Members have been prepared and published.

Training Module ‘Prasikshan Sahaiyaka’ for Kamil and MM teachers have been prepared and published

The Board in collaboration with SSA has prepared Work Books on Bengali for classes V & VI to give academic support to the slow learners and below average students.

The Board has prepared academic calendar to help the Teachers in institutional planning.

We are also preparing the Question Bank in the light of NCF-2005 on Mathematics for class VI-VII. The Question Bank for other subjects and classes will be published in due course.

The works on revised Training Module ‘Prasikshan Sahaiyaka’ for Kamil and MM teachers is on process.

STATE MADRASAH GAMES AND SPORTS MEET: From the year 2009 the West Bengal State Madrasah Games and Sports Meet are being organized jointly by West Bengal State Madrasah Games and Sports Committee and West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education. The Govt. in Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department allots fund for successful completion of the Sports Meet. The 3rd State Madrasah Games and Sports Meet has been organized during 8-11, February 2011. The 4th State Madrasah Games & Sports Meet – 2012 will commence on 16 February, 2012 and ends on 19 February, 2012. The venue is Yuba Bharati Krirangan, Salt Lake City, Kolkata. The State Committee has been approved by Minority Affairs & Madrasah Education Department, Government of West Bengal. Tentatively 1650 madrasah students will participate in this State Meet. The necessary and steps have been taken and related works are on process to make it grant success.

CELEBRATION OF 123RD BIRTH ANNIVERSARY OF MOULANA ABUL KALAM AZAD (NATIONAL EDUCATION DAY) : The West Bengal Board of Madrasah Education observe the birth day of Moulana Abul Kalam Azad ( National Education day) with due honour in every year on 11th November. This year the Board observed the birth anniversary on November 11, 2011. Professor (Dr.) Syed Samsul Alam, the Vice Chancellor of Aliah University delivered the Azad Memorial Lecture. Hon’ble Ministers of Government of West Bengal namely Jb. Firhad Hakim, Jb. Javed Ahmed Khan and Shri Ujjal Biswas graced the occasion. Rahima Khatun, Social Activist of Nari – o – Sishu Kalyan Samiti and Jb. Abdul Wahab on behalf of Southern Health Improvement Society received the Moulana Abul Kalam Azad Award 2012 and Begum Rokaiya award respectively.

MADRASAH DARPAN: The Board has been publishing its own house journals in the name of ‘Madrasah Darpan’. It contains the activities of the Board, articles on various academic aspects along with discussion relating to education, various Board’s circulars and Govt. orders. It reflects the recent scenario of Madrasah Education alongwith modern educational trends, thoughts, plans and activities. The recent issue contains the detailed information about recognized madrasahs with index No. and various circular and orders etc.

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