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Act and Status
Chapter 4 : Powers and Functions of the Board and the President

Functions of tbe Board-

20.(1)It shall be the duty of the Board to advise the.State Government on all matters relating to Madrasah Edtication referred to it by the State Government.

(2)Subject to any general or special orders of the State government, the provisions of this Act lind any rules made thereunder. the Board shall have generally the power to direct. supervise and control Madrasah Education and in particular, the power—

(a)to grant or refuserecognition to Madrasah and to withdraw such recognition if it thinks fit and neccessary, after considering the recommendations of the Recognition Committee in accordance with such regulations as might be made in this behalf :

(b)to maintain a register of Icognized Madrasahs

(c)to provide by regulations, after considering the recommendations of the Syllabus Committee, if any. the curriculum, syllabus, courses or studies to be followed and hooks to be studied in recognized Madrasahs for exardinations instituted by the Board

(d)to Undertake, if necessary, with the approval of the State Government, the preparation, publication or sale of text-books and other books for use in recognised Madrasahs

(e)to maintain and publish, from time to time, lisf of hooks approved for use in recognized Madrasahs and for examinations instituted by the Board and to remove the name or any such book from any such list

(f)to institute various Madrasah Examinations and such other similar examinations as it may think fit and to make regulations in this behalf:

(g)to make regulations'regarding the conditions to be fulfilled by the candidates presenting themselves for examinations instituted by the Board

(h)to provide by, regulations after considering the recommendations of the Examinations Committee, if any, the rates of remuneration' to be paid to the paper-setters, moderators, tabulators, examiners. invigilators, supervisors and others employed in connection with the examinations instituted by the Board, and, the lees to be paid by candidates for such examinations with the approval of the State Government

(i)to grant or refuse permission to candidates to appear at examinations instituted by the Board and to withdraw such permission if it thinks fit in accordance with such regulations as may be made in this behalf

(j)to provide by regulations the procedure for filling and disposal of appeals by the members of Ole teaching and non-teaching staff against the decisions of the Managing Committee of recognized Madrasahs

(k)to administer the West Bengal Madrasah Education Board Fund

(l)to institute and administer such Provident Funds as may be prescribed

(m)to make regulations relating to the conduct, discipline and appeal in respect of the members of the staff ;

(I)to make regulations relating to conduct and discipline in respect of teachers and non-teaching staff of the recognised Institutions under the Board

(II)to make regulations determining time qualification for, and the method of, recruitment of teachers in class I to class IV of the Senior Madrasah

(n)to perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the State Government.

(3)Subject to the provisions of sub-section (2). the Board shall have power to make regulations in respect of any matter for the proper exercise of its powers under this Act.

(4)No regulation shall be valid unless it is approved by the State Government and the State Government may, in accordance with such approval, make such additions, alterations or modifications therein as it thinks fit

Provided that before making any such addition, alteration or modification, the State Government shall give the Board an opportunity to express its views thereon within such period, not exceeding one month, as may be specified by the State Government.

(5)All regulations approved by the State Government shall be published in the Official Gazette.

Power and duties of the President-

21.(1)The President shall be responsible for carrying out, and giving effect to, the decisions of the Board and of any Committee constituted under this Act.

(2)The President may, in any emergency exercise any other powers of the Board provided however that he shall not act contrary to any decision of the Board and shall as soon thereafter as may be report to the Board the action taken by him together with the reason therefor.

(3)The President shall—

(a)exercise general supervision over the Secretary the other officers and employees appointed by the Board, and post and transfer the members of the staff ;

(b)sanction all claims of travelling allowances ; and

(c)take such other action not inconsistent with any decisions of the Board as he considers necessary for the proper functioning of the Board under this Act.

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