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Vocational Education & Training

Paschim Midnapore

Sl. No. Name Code Address
1 "Mohlshageria A.M.A. High Madrasah (H.S.)" 3528 P.O. Golar
District: Paschlm Medinipur
2 Panchberia Lohanla High Madrasah 3672 Vill .Pachaberia ,P.O.inda,Kharagpur
Pin: 721305
District: Paschlm Medinipur
3 S.M.L.High Madrasah(HS) 3673 Mirza Bazar, Midnapur
Pin: 721101
District: Paschlm Medinipur
4 Chhutargerla F,BhIgh Madrasah 3874 P.O.Kalagram
Pin: 721150
District: Paschlm Medinipur
5 "Ghanashyambatl Sayadatlya Senior Madrasah" 3676 "Vill.Yhanashyambati, P.O.Bhuta, P.S.Daspur"
District: Paschlm Medinipur
6 Jankapur High Machasah 3678 Vill+P.O.Jankapur, P.O.Dantan
Pin: 721435
District: Paschlm Medinipur
7 Baiaramgarh High Madrasah 3662 "Viii Balaramgarh, P.O. Rathipur, P.S. Ghatal"
Pin: 721212
District: Paschlm Medinipur
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