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Higher Secondary Madrasah


Sl. No. Name & Address
1 Beltala High Madrasah (H.S)
P.O.-Charatala ,Block- Chapra,Pin.-741170
District - Nadia.
2 Dr. Zakir Hossain Memorial High Madrasah (H.S)
P.O.-Kanainagar ,Block- Theatta- I,Pin.-742121
District - Nadia.
3 Gopalnagar High Madrasah (H.S)
P.O.-Amiya Narayanpur ,Block- Karimpur-II,Pin.-741165
District - Nadia.
4 Harnagar Barobhege High Madrasah (H.S)
P.O.-Harnagar ,Block-Nakashipara,Pin.-741137
District - Nadia.
5 Hatkhola High Madrasah (H.S)
P.O.-Mahakhola ,Block- Chapra,Pin.-741123
District - Nadia.
6 Islamgonj High Madrasah (H.S)
P.O.-Bangaljhi ,Block- Chapra,Pin.-741123
District - Nadia.
7 Janakinagar High Madrasah (H.S)
P.O.-Plassey Sugar Mill ,Block- Kaliganj,Pin.-741157
District - Nadia.
8 Panditpur Samseria High Madrasah (H.S)
P.O.-Natidanga, Block- Karimpur II, Pin-741152
District - Nadia.
9 Thanarpara Haji Muslim High Madrasah (H.S)
P.O.-Thanarpara ,Block- Karimpur II,Pin.-741152
District - Nadia.
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