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Fazil Madrasah


Sl. No. Name & Address
1 Cheragram Hajbullah Darul Ulum Sr.Madrasah (Fazil)
P.O.-Cheragram ,Block- Dhaniakhali,Pin.-712303,
District - Hooghly.
2 Dankuni Siddiquia Sr.Madrasah (Fazil)
P.O.-Dankuni ,Sub.Div.-Serampore,Pin.-711224
District - Hooghly.
3 Furfura Fatehia Sr.Madrasah (Fazil)
P.O.-Furfura ,Sub.Div.-Serampore,Pin.-712406,
District - Hooghly.
4 Pirnagar Nabobiya Sr.Madrasah (Fazil)
P.O.-Harinkhola ,Sub.Div.-Arambagh,Pin.-712415,
District - Hooghly.
5 Sitapur Endowment Sr.Madrasah (Fazil)
P.O.-Jagatballavpur ,Block- Jangipara,Pin.-711408,
District - Hooghly.
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